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SARCOM Equipment

SARCOM owns and operates a variety of specialty radio equipment that help make searches successful. We are capable of supporting operations of any size, in any terrain, and adapting to unusual circumstances.

Com 1

Our primary communications unit, a retired box ambulance, is designed to be a self-sufficient mobile dispatch center. Com 1 contains 4 dispatch radios (3 VHF and 1 UHF) and two dispatcher positions, 2 mapping/logging stations with computers, a dual band ham radio, and a printer/fax/scanner.

To supplement the technology used, Com 1 also carries generators, antenna masts, a heating and air conditioning unit, and printed maps and charts.

Com 2

Due to mechanical issues, Com 2 was retired and replaced with Com 3.

Com 3

Soon to take over the role of primary communications unit, Com 3 is a 14 foot long utility trailer. The unit is currently under construction. Once complete, Com 3 will have equivalent capabilities to Com 1.

Hasty Vehicles

A hasty vehicle is designed to be a temporary substitute for our communications units. These vehicles are capable of managing search operations until a communications unit arrives on scene, or in the rare event that a communications unit cannot respond.

SARCOM currently has two fully-featured hasty vehicles. Additionally, team members have varying amounts of equipment in their vehicles that also supplement search operations.


A repeater picks up a signal and broadcasts it across a larger area. This allows all field units to maintain radio contact with base despite mountains, trees, and other obstacles. SARCOM has one portable cross-band repeater.